The Magical Art of Starting Again

Join Me on the Journey

( this time Around )


Hi. I’m Sarah. 


I had it all. A seemingly loving and devoted husband. Two beautiful, healthy children. And, a multi-million dollar estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then, one day, my husband left. Not our children, just me. Oh, and he also took my family with him.


I know where I need to get to. But, I am not there yet. I feel like I have so far just barely survived the shocking news that he was leaving, the brutal divorce process that he led despite my attempts to “consciously uncouple” Gwyneth Paltrow style ( He’s a highly paid litigator. ), and the losses of participating in 50% of my children’s childhood, and more than 50% of my wealth, and the supposed “Love of My Life”.


Finding love. Creating life. Building wealth.


And, then hitting rock bottom. It changes you.


I feel re-born, with a new found sense of perspective and a new determination to live every day to the fullest.


Join me on my journey as I start again, transform in unimaginable ways and figure out what life after divorce is.